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The Bargstedt

The Bargstedt fully-automated panel-storage system feeds our HPP380 profiLine panel-sizing saw. The system is able to handle panels up to 5’x12’ size. The storage system allows us to have up 1600 sheets of different materials on hand to meet any customer requirements. Automation and optimization of cutting processes with barcoding system make it possible to cut large volume of parts in timely manner or cut custom parts in just-in-time manufacturing mode.


BCM is very proud to introduce brand new Homag edgebanding cell, which takes edgebanding cabinet parts automation to the new level. Our company is the first in Canada to utilize this new automation for one specific reason.In every investment we make, our primary goal is always to improve quality and flexibility. Automation can make a very significant contribution in this respect. As an all-rounder, it can tackle virtually any task, from furniture with an optical zero joint to high-gloss parts, solid wood edges and workpieces with different radiuses. Labels with barcodes are used to assign the production data and required processes clearly to each workpiece. After scanning, the processing programs are automatically loaded and executed.

BHX 200D

The BHX 200D series offers the next generation of compact vertical CNC technology. It allows us to automate our manufacturing processes with barcode integration and workpiece return. The BHX 200/D also enables dowel driving, considerably increasing flexibility in custom and just-in-time manufacturing.